Pi3/Uputronics NTP Stats

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20:00 26 Jun 2017 UTC, Change Server/500Hz to Server/300Hz.
20:30 16 Jun 2017 UTC, Change Server/200Hz to Server/500Hz.
21:00 13 Jun 2017 UTC, Change Server/1000Hz to Server/200Hz.
18:00  9 Jun 2017 UTC, Change Server/100Hz to Server/1000Hz.
19:00 21 Dec 2016 UTC SD corruption, start all over again...

This server:

CPU: Rasberry Pi 3
OS: Gentoo stable
Kernel: 4.8.39, Config
GPS; Uputronics GPS HAT
GPS/PPS server: gpsd
NTP server: NTPsec
ntp.conf: current

Many thanks to Uputronics for their support and donation of the GPS.

Git repository for chrony-graph: https://github.com/ddrown/chrony-graph